Catelina Promise is a project in the works. Refer to the post below this for commissions!

Please be understand that my products are handmade and that there may be mistakes. I try my best to make sure it is perfect before shipping it, or I will let you know of the mistakes. If I do not state its defects and you find any, please contact me via email at or PM me here on LJ.

If you find something wrong with a product, let me know! I would be happy to fix it (under appropriate circumstances) and it helps me to improve my work. :)

Regarding the prices, it may float a bit because since I'm just starting out selling my headpieces, I am testing the waters to see what customers like (colors, prices, designs). That being said, you might find the same headpiece for cheaper than I put them up for before. This is subject to change, however. Once I know the right price to set it at (enough for both parties to be satisfied), it will be the permanent cost! This process may take a few months for me to be comfortable.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

Catelina Promise
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I specialize in making hair accessories such as headdresses, hair combs, clips, etc. I will be happy to recreate a design I have created in the past, or even change it to your preferences! I am also willing to do designs that you have in mind.

The cost of more complicated designs range around $30-60 while simpler designs range from $8-25. You will pay a 20% non-refundable payment once you have confirmed an order. This is for you to be absolutely positive you are willing to commission from me. Shipping is not included and should be around $2 for a single headdress in USA. The cost of 2-5 headdresses should be about $5. If the cost is less, I will refund you the difference. If the cost is higher, you will be charged the difference.  Please inquire for international shipping.

When ordering, please allow at least a week for the commission to be completed. If the design is more complicated, I will let you know approximately how long it will take me to complete the order. Once the accessory is completed, I will send you pictures of the final product for you to make any adjustments. When you approve of it, I will then ship it. I normally ship a day after, but I will let you know when I ship!

I only accept Paypal for payments!

Please contact me at my email, for any additional comments or questions! If it is urgent, PM my main livejournal account philomeliann 


Email all order forms to OR leave a comment on this post (your paypal will be screened).

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